What is conversion copywriting and how can it help your business? That’s a good question, and one that we here at Time2GetOnline.com field from clients who are looking to bolster their conversions.

In today’s blog, we will be outlining what conversion copywriting is, its main benefits when employed correctly, and actionable steps you can implement ASAP to enhance your website’s existing copy.

What is Conversion Copywriting?

Defined as “an intentional data-driven method to write text that gets readers to take an action”, conversion copywriting extends to website copy, email newsletters, sales funnels, advertisements, and social media posts.

In comparison to its partner sales copy, which works to drive purchases, conversion copywriting’s role is to drive streamlined consumer or client action on your website.

Common examples of said actions include:

  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Landing page visitation
  • Adding items to their cart
  • Sharing on social media
  • Extending their website visitation duration
  • Clicking on certain buttons

Prioritizing conversion copywriting means to focus on conversion rate optimization and gear all of your business’s copywriting towards this common goal.

The Benefits of Conversion Copywriting For Your Business

On top of steering your audience towards specific profitable actions, conversion copywriting also lends a hand to your website’s overall SEO optimization.

How? By narrowing in on your target demographic’s user intent.

User intent is the main algorithmic drive behind why your business should be targeting specific keywords. By incorporating these user intent-based keywords into your pages’ titles, subheaders, meta descriptions, alt. text, and general on-page copy, you tap into niche keywords that both drive organic traffic to your site and make sense within the context of your calls-to-action.

Conversion copywriting succeeds in this because, when done successfully, it follows the rule of thumb of, “Start at the end.” By starting with your desired goal in mind, you can easily and effectively work backwards to weave relevant keywords into conversion-oriented copy.

Time2GetOnline.com’s Tips for Conversion Copywriting

Here are our beginners’ tips for getting the ball rolling on effective conversion copywriting for your business:

  • Include statistics to bolster your service’s or offer’s credibility
  • Make use of client testimonials and reviews
  • Stick to tried-and-true successful headline formulas

…And, when in doubt, get it done right the first time via conversion copywriting experts. Get in touch with us here at Time2GetOnline.com today to learn how we have helped businesses just like yours capitalize on the power of conversion copywriting.