financial planning websiteA local financial planning team wanted to promote their service-based approach to financial planning for their prospects and customers in Victoria BC. We designed a WordPress site to show how Exceptional Wealth Management Canada stands out from the traditional look of financial planners in Victoria.

We’d initially designed their site using a different framework, and then rebuilt it to optimize the features available via the Divi platform.

This particular project had two essential components beyond the initial design: as they are in the financial niche, there was a compliance requirement that added a layer of complexity – all of the content had to be approved by Manulife Securities, the client’s wholesaler. The second factor was a need for strong security. Despite the fact that this site doesn’t collect any client information, there was a concern that it might be targeted by unscrupulous scammers to hijack the site with the hopes of gaining access to the private investment materials and contact information. To protect this client, as we do for all clients, we opted to use the WordFence plugin to prevent unauthorized access, ensure critical systems are regularly updated, and to provide a stronger sentry at all times. We’ve found WordFence to be a highly secure, well-respected essential plugin, and we include it on all installations.

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